Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #1

Title of Article: Banning Same-Sex Marriage Would Protect No One.

This article describes how same-sex marriage would not harm heterosexuals in any way and how it would better support and protect couples who do not have equal rights at the moment. Many opponents of gay marriage want to protect the institution of marriage... but what exactly are they protecting? This article questions why equality is a problem. The author points out other key issues that had also been changed with arguments much like in the gay marriage case. The ban on gay marriage is just affecting gay and lesbian citizens since they cannot have benefits such as seeing their partner in the emergency room and other marital protections newly-wed straight couples enjoy. It also harms the children of many gay and lesbian couples. People also said the since Massachusetts passed a law allowing gay marriage, there would be problems… but there haven’t been any yet. This article relates to my paper by asking what the real reason is that people oppose gay marriage.

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