Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #3

Title: The Judicial assault on the Family

This article looks at a ton of different things that "ruined" marriage as it "should have been". Some were unbelievable (and even offensive) such as interracial marriages, which are accepted. According to this article, it has gone too far. It criticizes heterosexual couples who don't have children. It criticizes divorce, polygammy, same-sex marriage, interracial marriages, single mothers, and much more. Relating to my topic is the issue of gay marriage. This article says it weakens the constitution of marriage. It basically says that since they cannot have children, they should not be allowed to be married. It seems to disagree with the statement that marriage is a basic right of man, which was said in the article. It says it gave marriage a minimalist view. It disagrees with marriage to even be a friendship as it denied that marriage was an expression of emotional support and commitment. Many of these arguments were meant to be against gay people, but also applied to many heterosexual couples.

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