Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #2

Title: Q: Would the Legalization of Gay Marriage Benefit to Heterosexuals?

This article describes both sides of this argument. For the argument of yes, it claims that homosexuals would become more socially accepted if there were a law legalizing gay marriage. It would help prevent gay people from marrying a person of the opposite gender due to pressure to fit in. The largest part is that fraudulent marriages result from homosexual people discriminated against and the wanting of a child and marriage, but the inability to receive that with a member of the same-sex. Gay couples, if allowed to marry, might also be allowed to adopt children who need homes from orphanages. They also argue that many gay people also have heterosexual people related to them or around them who are affected by this discrimination.

The article also states the reasons gays should not get married. It argues that sex is not private because there is life (babies) and death (like AIDS) involved. He also states that marriage is used to bring children into the world. It claims homosexual behaviors are typically brief and sometime in public. It relates gay people to sex, multiple partners, drugs, and molesting children. It accuses homosexuals of requiring too much medical care.

I know this isn't part of my annotation, but it's a little bit about my stand point on this issue. I think the last argument has some fairly... well, dumb arguments. When it says that marriage is for children, how come people who don't want children are allowed to be married? Should their rights be taken away? Or those who are physically incapable to procreate? Should they be forced to separate? If marriage is for children, then in theory, the gay couples could bring up children by artificial insemination or by adoption. Biological mothers and fathers are better for children, so what about the orphaned children? They won't have their biological parents no matter what... so why does it matter if it is heterosexual or straight? And then they'll say "They are 12x more likely to be gay" or some crap like that... well how to people with straight parents turn out to be gay? Then the argument about it being brief... well, tell that to those couples who have been together for 50 years, waiting for some form of acknowledgement that they even exist as a pair. Is that too brief when some heterosexuals marry after months of knowing each other? 'Gay relationships can be short." I know plenty of couples at school who fail after a week or less. I know a lot of you will argue with that... but it's just how I feel. I think everyone is equal and these attempts to say otherwise do nothing to change my mind. I don't really know what to say about the drugs and multiple partners... I guess they are just making it harder on themselves and for those innocent people who don't do those sorts of things. I just don't think it should mean injustice and inequality for all because of those unfortunate people.

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