Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #6

Title: The Gay Glove
(Laws against homosexuality around the world)

America, while not the best with homosexuality, is definetly not the worst. South Carolina recently banned gay marriage. In Detroit, an elderly gay man was killed and this led to increased protection of gay people through anti-hate crime laws. It also mentioned the military general's comment about gay marriage being immoral and how an archbishop supported his idea.

In countries like Latvia, discrimination is not banned at work. In Jamaica, around 200 people tried to lynch four gay men. In South America, one man (maybe more) couldn't give blood because of his orientation and a transgender person was stabbed when entering a store. Many places in Africa jail gay rights activists and people accused of possible "gay activities". They can be stoned if charged with maximum offenses. Women are kicked out of schools if they could be lesbians. In Iran, guys over 15 and girls over 9 can be sentenced to the death penalty for being gay or having any same-sex relations.

Europe is relatively accepting of gay marriage, with Denmark as the first country to allow same-sex couples to register for some sort of marriage.

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