Thursday, March 29, 2007

My favorite place in the whole world.

R - travel agent or real estate agent
A - possible consumers (travellers or buyers)
F - advertisement brochure
T - My favorite place in the whole world.

My favorite place in the whole world is quiet and relaxing, but at the same time exploding with life. There are no busy trucks laying on their horns or those annoying people who believe revving their engine will gain them respect. The people around seem to understand this is the same way I do and are fairly quiet. There is noise, but it is all natural; crickets chirping, horses galloping, and many other critters skittering about. I love to stop and admire a certain type of bug I see (or at least sense) since it takes on an array of different hues to better match its environment. I still don't know the bug, but it first took me by surprise when I was making a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers and the flower moved! The leaf just up and left, so I screamed and threw the arrangement of flowers into the air and ran, only to find one on my arm. By then it was turning yellow, attempting to blend in with my skin I think, and I just watched it as it watched me. Besides these creatures, I like donkies. Apparently they like me too (maybe just my carrots and celery) because everytime I visit at least one will chase me. Once I had to run backwards, chucking carrots at its head as it stampeded towards my full bag of vegetables. When I was just about out of energy, I decided to share with my brother and tossed him the bag. The saying stubborn as a mule fit this guy, since he chased my brother instead. After our fun with our two favorite mules, "Bartholomule" and "Bradley", there were still many things to do.

When I'm in the right mood, I like to write poems or draw. The trees looming over our old wooden cabin with a worn dirt path down the hill to a clearing of flowers put me in one of those moods. As the light filters through the trees and little boys run around lofting the badmitten back and forth, I love to sketch the scenery. If I travel down the worn path, past the clearing of flowers, the wise old horses, and the river with stepping stones, I can find a hidden lake that is just amazing. Two little boys and my brother lead my there are begged to go fishing. I agreed, but we lacked a fishing pole. We scavanged for sticks and found some old fishing line and made a makeshift pole, tying it all up with tall grass. Our bait was some large bug one of the boys stabbed and our hook was a curved piece of glass. To our disappointment, none of the fish liked out bait. I couldn't let down those three hopeful boys, so I stood on a log that washed up on shore and scanned the water carefully. I then spent around three hours attempting to catch a crawfish. I was so fed up that I made a net with my sock and nabbed a monstrous thing. We carried it up the path and took a souvenir photo before letting it back home. I drew the crawfish, the log, a frog, and some flowers that day. It was so inspiring.

My favorite place in the world is somewhere I wish I could go more often. It is close to many amazing places to hike and rock climb, both of which I love. There are small towns with nifty coffee shops and restaurants where they know everyone's first and last name. Someday I would like to go there for a long time instead of only a week, but the effect of relaxation can last so long even with that short amount of time. It's just a great get-away.

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