Monday, March 19, 2007

~Spring Break~

(Role) - You
(Audience) - Mr. Hatten, the class and the World Wide Web
(Format) - Blog
(Topic) - Your Spring Break and comments about third trimester

Spring Break was too short. I usually don't care for breaks because I like being at school with all my friends, but this was nice. On Thursday after school I babysat a monster-child and made $12 for two and a half hours. Friday was a nice day to relax and sit around playing video games. Saturday and Sunday I went for a walk around Como with my dog. Saturday he was shaggy (he never lets us groom him) and Sunday he looked brand new because we shaved him (against is will). He's super cute now. We received a lot of compliments. Monday afternoon I ran around Target with my mom and brother. Tuesday I actually went out of the house! I went to Caribou with Sarah and Rebecca and we stayed until they closed, then went over to Bruegger's (a bagel place where my mom works) and sat around with their closing crew. I didn't anything but sit on the computer and play my guitar Wednesday. Oh yeah... I went to the mall and got more Caribou and some new earrings. Thursday Sarah came over and we rented 5 movies (Flushed Away, Borat, The Prestige, The Da Vinci Code, and Flags of Our Fathers) and watched all of them until Friday afternoon. That night I had a birthday party for my friend Ashley and we stayed up all night playing charades, some Family Feud Super Nintendo game from the 80's, eating sugar, and dancing like the Boohbas(there were even five of us). I woke up, ate more sugar, played duck, duck, grey duck in my swimsuit outside in the cold, and went swimming at the Shoreview Community Center. We ate cake and stuff until 12:30 am Sunday when I left and got home. Even though I had no sleep, I had to wake up early and paint my room... which I didn't know I was going to be doing because my parents asked me in my sleep and picked a color out for me. It turned out all right though. I just cleaned Sunday and played my guitar.

Although I missed Spring Break, I was looking forward to school and finding out who was in my new classes. I think I liked last trimester better, but I'll just have to get used to it.

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